How Can Red Blue Realty’s Free Real Estate Advice Help You?

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Your Uncle Bob or Aunt Mary might have plenty of free real estate advice to offer. But you may not want to listen to ideas and tips, unless they come from a real estate professional. Red Blue Realty’s professional staff offers ideas, tips, and advice to LA area sellers and buyers – free of charge.

Red Blue Realty’s real estate savvy can inform you on just about any part of the real estate market. If you’re selling, we can give you advice on enhancing market image, improving sales appeal, and making your home into a desirable, faster sale. We have tips on just how to do that without breaking the bank, too. One area that improves sales is the implementation of security systems, such as motion triggered lighting, a burglar, fire, and hazard alarm, or driveway security sensors.

And particularly in the Los Angeles real estate market, buyers are also impressed by green-friendly features in a home. A sure draw to buyers are homes that have the ability to utilize renewable resources, such as grey water irrigation systems, low flush toilets, Energy Star stoves, refrigerators, and washer-dryers, and solar panels. Exterior enhancement is also a good idea that Red Blue Realty can offer tips toward achieving. Sustainable gardens, native plants, and easy-care landscaping are details that make a home buyer-ready. Red Blue Realty is dedicated to helping both buyers and sellers. We want sellers to obtain the best possible value for their home, and for buyers to select the property that best fits their needs and finances.

Speaking of finance, Red Blue Realty has concrete financial transaction knowledge, allowing us to offer free real estate advice on subjects from lenders to the many different kinds of mortgages available to consumers, and even refinancing options. There are a variety of funding options for home buyers from Federal Housing sponsored loans to adjustable rate loans, conventional thirty and fifteen year options. Refinancing, even refi’s for properties that are “upside down” in value, is another area where Red Blue Realty can offer concrete advice. Whether a refinance need is based on home upgrades or cost savings, there are many alternatives on the market today.

We also offer insider knowledge about the current real estate market, and our free real estate advice about the ups and downs of pricing a Los Angeles real estate can help buyers and sellers make the best choice for entering the market place. Looking at past and future market trends are a good predictor for the present, and Red Blue Realty has the knowledge to create a game plan for both sellers and buyers. Looking at over all market trends can result in a real world plan to help those entering the market make solid real estate decisions.

Naturally, Red Blue Realty can also address the concerns of first time buyers about the most affordable and best properties for them. And our company is experienced with looking for the best locations for home buyers, property value over time, and a myriad of real estate questions where utilizing free real estate advice can create a different and more positive outcome for both buyers and sellers.

From finance options to residence locations, investment potential, selling opportunities and creating a marketable property, Red Blue Realty has the knowledge and insight that can help both buyers and sellers. Getting professional advice from realty pros with a solid background in the Los Angeles real estate arena can indeed make a difference between successful and unsuccessful real estate choices.

Red Blue Realty welcomes questions from both buyers and sellers. Simply send us an email or call us, and we’ll do our best to provide a quick reply and solid professional advice.

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