Why Investors Fail in Real Estate Investing

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Investors often fail in real estate investing for multiple reasons. There are five main reasons most investors may fail. Fixing and flipping homes has a lot of competition, particularly for single family homes in the $150,000 to $350,000 price range. This is the average American home price. Fix and flips at this level provide minimal profit after upgrades and updating occurs. Luxury homes, which are prevalent in certain Los Angeles neighborhoods, have lower competition and often can return investors a whopping 20% profit. Lacking a strategy and having unrealistic expectations are what gets many investors nowadays.

Improper Goals

Quite often in a largely cash business such as real estate investing, investors try to give themselves the advantage by acquiring properties as an all cash transaction. This is a good idea; however, it may mean investing in the lower priced homes to keep some of their cash readily available for future investments rather than putting it all on one investment. Luxury homes sell better, especially in a place like Los Angeles. It is all about the prestige of living in a more luxurious neighborhood. Luxury home real estate markets tend to improve before lower-valued homes too, since many luxury homebuyers stop spending money when a crisis hits. Foreclosures and short sales occasionally do happen in the luxury home market; therefore, investors should keep an eye out for these exciting deals. So many investors have lost their life savings due to the fact that they just expected too much from one transaction, or expected the sale to happen sooner. Proper research can help eliminate these risks for investors.

Easy Money

Making quick money is what some investors look for during real estate investing. Any experienced investor will tell you that it is not going to be easy money. It takes time to upgrade and update a home. It will take time to find the right buyer based on the market conditions. Depending on the property, knowing how long the property will be on your hands and how much to expect from it if everything were to go wrong, will give investors a more humble outlook on their investment ventures.

Failure to Commit and Focusing on Too Much

Real estate investing is a full time job. It may not seem as something most people would consider as a career choice, but investing will take hours upon hours of research and strategizing before an investor can even start a project. Investors who do not commit enough time to their investing career will increase the chance of failure. All other jobs need to be set aside so the focus is only on one concept and not on multiple jobs. This does not necessarily mean that you should quit your job, or limit yourself to one property. Just make sure that you are dedicating sufficient energy on one project and completing the required tasks before moving on the next one. If you are able to manage numerous properties at the same time, than by all means go for it!

Largely financed investments

There is no doubt that Real estate investing requires a lot of cash. Although real estate can be bought and sold with mortgages, it is almost always more effective when done with all cash. Trying to get loans with low down payments and paying a monthly mortgage with interest only takes away from profit. Using cash for Real estate investing has numerous benefits for investors and will maximize their profit. Obviously, the financing of a real estate investment should be a primary concern, but not the most important. Concentrating on finding the right deal that will bring enough profit will attract the investors you need.

Perfection in Investing

Perfection of the home is not possible. Each buyer wants a little something different. It means the investor needs to go with typical demands of buyers and forego the special concepts that 1 out of 20 buyers might want, otherwise it can lead to a lack of interest from buyers.


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